Saturday, February 13, 2010

Neo-Nazis Lose Parental Rights

Finally, a decision has been reached in a story that I brought to you some time back. Obviously, Canada doesn't mess around when it comes to their children.

The Manitoba government has won permanent guardianship of two children whose parents were accused of teaching them neo-Nazi beliefs.

A Court of Queen's Bench judge has ordered that the boy and girl remain in the custody of Child and Family Services (CFS), which has placed them in foster care with a relative.

The court also dismissed a constitutional challenge from the father, who argued the government violated his right to raise the children according to his beliefs. He is the stepfather of the girl, now nine, and the biological father of the boy, now four years old.

'This is communism, state-sanctioned theft of children to punish their parents based solely on an alleged belief system.' —Mother of seized children

To protect the identities of the children, no one involved in the case can be named.

The children were removed from their home in 2008 after the girl showed up at her elementary school with racist writings and symbols on her skin.

The government agency argued the children were emotionally harmed and were also being raised in squalor and suffering from neglect. Read more:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Through the Eyes of Hate

"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

We truly have come a very long way since these words were spoken by Dr. King, but, I submit that we still have a whole lot of steppin' to do before we arrive at that final word. As I found myself gripped by the horror that we have all been feeling over the situation in Haiti, I was struck by the outpouring of love and assistance that has been emanating from across the globe. Unfortunately, at the same time however, I have also been witness to the evil side of humanity, as well.

Just as we have all emerged from the celebrations of Dr. King's birthday and still warm in the glow of his powerful words being reverberated throughout our country and a renewed hopeful outlook, the cold, icy fingers of hate have been busy throughout the world wide web demonstrating how much work remains and just how vile and contemptuous the racists among us can be.

Nevermind the Pat Robertson's and the Rush Limbaugh's with their pulpits and microphones, these are the internet warriors who sow their seeds of hatred throughout the cyberworld in the hopes that they may reach the tiny, warped or undeveloped minds of others more vulnerable or more twisted. As we believe ourselves to be, indeed, pride ourselves on being, a civilized society there are those who would expose themselves as the true underbelly of a subculture of monsters and demons only to prove us liars.

As CNN and MSNBC,, continue their coverage of the heroism of the first responders and the valiant spirit of the surviors, there are those who applaud, not the courage or the saving of lives, but the carnage and the destruction and the death of a people. They relish each new death toll and rail against all efforts and all compassion forthcoming. On one of the more prominent racist message boards it was only a matter of minutes after the quake before the true nature of the beasts among us raised its' head and spewed its' vomit:

"Why must we accept monkeys as humans?

"Is that an insane question? Or a sane question in an insane world?

"The politically correct world that the jews have built up in America over the past 50+ years is a madhouse, full of fun house mirrors that distort everything into its opposite shape.

"These vile coons should have died out long ago, by nature. Only White aid - perfectly senseless and criminally wasteful - has been keeping them alive, why? So that they can suffer revolutions and natural disasters and be "rescued" again and again and again? You call that sane?"

And that is simply the tip of the iceberg and is one of the least pernicious comments. There are 456 comments in that one thread - most being far too despicable to cite here and there are several threads devoted to the devastation in Haiti.

As many of the human race rushes to do what they can in this time of great confusion and need - sending money, food, and supplies, rendering services, adopting children, setting up shelters, digging through the rubble, burying the dead there are those so broken, and so repugnant as to wish nothing more than to exploit this catastrophe for their own iniquitous agendas.

Certainly, it is a time for us to help rebuild lives and to provide hope for others. It is a time for us to maintain positives and negate negatives. It is a time for us to unite in the face of catastrophe. It is also a time to stand united against those who prosper through exploitation and abhorrent acts.

We may be able to dismiss the Pat Robertson's and the Rush Limbaugh's of this world as nothing more than rabble-rousing nutjobs as we continue our benevolence, but it is incumbent upon us to understand that they are the fuel for the fire, the stokers of the flames that feed this egregious hatred. Their words and their messages are latched onto by those among us - and make no mistake, they DO walk among us - who want nothing less than genocide and a white's only society. These individuals use the messages of right-wing extremist evangelicals and talk-show hosts as a means to validate their very existence and their twisted ideas.

Consequently, as we are united in our efforts to provide safety and security and hope for our Haitian neighbors and others who experience such hardships, so should we be united in our efforts to confront those whose sole purpose is to further victimize through their hate-filled agendas. Any way you cut it, silence equals acceptance. And if we desire the fruition of Dr. King's dream, whereby unarmed truth and unconditional love really do have the final word, we're going to have to speak - loudly, firmly, and clearly.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yeah...What Keith Said


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It Ain't Over Til It's Over

Just when you think the fat lady has sung, you find out that the ongoing saga really has no end.

Bill White has been convicted on four counts and awaits his fate. But, that's not the end of the story. On the 20th of this month - next Wednesday, another hearing will be held where White's attorney will attempt to persuade the judge to overturn the verdicts. But, that's not even the end of the story. Now, it appears that a three-judge panel is looking into the dropping of those charges in Chicago.

Federal prosecutors are not satisfied with the original court ruling and, it appears, that the charges claiming that White used his website to incite violence against a juror could be reinstated. It should be obvious to even the casual observer by now that the federal government has a real hard-on for Bill White and they aren't going to rest until he is deeply embedded in the prison system.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009



Weapons Found At Alleged White Supremacist's HomePITTSBURGH (KDKA) ―

Police say they found a cache of weapons at Hardy Lloyd's apartment in Crafton which was a probation violation.

Self-Proclaimed 'Anti-American Terrorist' Arrested (5/27/2009)
Notorious Racist Supports Police Killing Suspect (4/14/2009)
A local white supremacist is behind bars after he violated his parole.

Police say they found a cache of weapons at Hardy Lloyd's apartment in Crafton which was a probation violation.

Ron Seyko, from Allegheny County Probation, says they found seven pistols and three long guns.

Lloyd could face up to five years in prison.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Just a preview of what the month of April has to offer here. Opening dates are tentative, so check back often with your favorite drink and lots of popcorn because it promises to be a star-studded month. Oh...and remember to keep it down to a dull roar in the comment section - be kind to your neighbor.

Starring: William Luther Pierce; David Duke; Billy Roper; Kevin Alfred Strom; Erich Gliebe; and special guest spots by such notables as... The Order; Richard Butler; Timothy McVeigh; and, of course, Mommy Dearest. 4/06/09

Starring: William Luther Pierce; Jared Taylor; Jesse Helms; Kirk Lyons; and cameo appearances by David Duke; Trent Lott; Kenny Knight; Wayne Lutton; Don Black; 4/09/09

Starring: Mark Weber; Willis Carto; Wayne Lutton; John Tanton; J. Phillippe Rushton; David Irving; Kevin MacDonald; and various guest stars from the extremist right. 4/12/09

Starring: Henrik Holappa; John de Nugent; David Duke; Bill Fox; Don Black; and a special appearance by Homeland Security! 4/13/09

Starring: John de Nugent. The rest of the cast is just cursory and only serves as a backdrop for the "Man From the North." When you have de Nugent in a film there really isn't much rook for anyone else. You must see this documentary as the future of the white race and the United States depends solely upon him! 4/17/09

Starring: A spectacular array of Christians as you have never seen them before. This is a must see for all those who have never seen the bastardization of Christian beliefs. 4/25/09

As we said - a real blockbuster of a month heading your way.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just A Little Circle of Friends...Part II

The entirety of the White Supremacy/Neo-Nazi Movement has a history of avarice, lewdness, and abject depravity despite its' public claims of family and, sometimes Christian, values and morality. Additionally, the movement has been decimated time and again by its' own hypocrisy.

Amid the many reports of David Duke's sexual exploits with the ladies there were also rumors and accusations of homosexual activity. Tom Metzger, one of the most vocal and well recognized members of the extremist set spoke of Duke's close relationship with the Reverend James Warner, a Christian Identity anti-Semite who ran the New Christian Crusade Church out of St. Bernard Parrish in Louisiana.

Metzger claimed, " Duke ran with Warner and Warner took him on a tour of Hollywood gay bars in the 70’s. I personally think Duke is a closet Bi sexual for many reasons. So I am not shocked when I hear of a right winger being popped a some sex charge."

Metzger isn't the only one who has made such a claim against Duke. Warner was an active member of the American Nazi Party and has been shunned by many over the years for what some claim is his homosexual activities as well as being a transvestite.

This sort of thing is not unusual within the movement. Generally speaking, hundreds of people over the last few decades have been known homosexuals, pedophiles, or, for them even worse, Jews. Yet heads have been turned, evidence swept under the rug, and their stated believes compromised, at the very least. Only when it becomes public knowledge do they take the steps necessary to cast out or castigate the "unwanted" in their midst. Such is the way of the very needy hate-monger.

Among themselves they speculate and even laugh about what they know to be true of others sharing their table of hate. Matthais Koehl was well known among those in the NSWPP as a homosexual and speculation ran wild about the late Dr. William Luther Pierce.

The Dr. in front of William Luther Pierce was earned through a doctorate in physics conferred upon him in 1962. Upon this distinction, Pierce accepted and assistant professorship at Oregon State University and joined the John Birch Society which seems to have served as a conduit for many white supremacists and right-wing militants and extremists.

As the John Birch Society did not take up what Pierce believed most pressing - the question of the Jew - it quickly lost its' appeal to the professor and he moved on and began communicating with George Lincoln Rockwell, the Commander of the American Nazi Party. This ideology was much more in line with Pierces' Hitlerian belief system. After all, he had been raised by Southern Aristocracy in an era that ingrained racism and anti-Semitism into the souls of many people.

In 1965, Pierce and his wife moved to Connecticut where he spent a year as a senior research scientist. This wasn't particularly satisfying and he finally quit. That would be the last real paying job that Pierce would ever have.

He took a non-paying position editing "The National Socialist World" for Rockwell's group. Apparently, Dr. Pierce enjoyed being with his ideological peers and his academic prowess would soon lead him on a journey that would become his life's work.

In 1967, George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated by one of his own and William Luther Pierce moved up the ladder.

Matthais Koehl declared that Rockwell had named him as his hand-picked successor in the event of his death and he began referring to himself as "Deputy Commander Koehl," a title that no one had ever heard prior to the highly controversial Rockwell assassination.

On the night of the murder it was rumored and later pretty much confirmed that Pierce and Robert Lloyd, the second in command broke into Rockwell's safe and destroyed his political testament.

At this point, Pierce, Koehl, and Lloyd now shared equally in the total ownership of the NSWPP and the handwriting was on the wall. The ideological differences between Pierce and Koehl heralded the chasm that was soon to develop.

Koehl won the majority of the votes of those present in Arlington immediately following Rockwell's death. However, just as members across the U.S. were shocked and outraged over the murder of their leader, many were stunned by Koehl's ascent to the top. Koehl's reputation preceded him.

Pierce was a quiet, seemingly reserved, and somewhat quirky individual who maintained social distance from most of the others. This often gained him the reputation of being aloof or "untouchable." Such is often the case with those who roam the halls of academia.

While there were rumors about Pierce's sexual proclivities, he was respected by many of the more erudite or learned within the party for his insight and writing skills. As was the case with most who worked toward the cause of white revolution, Pierce was always armed. He was well-known for being somewhat of a physical wimp so it can only be concluded that he compensated with his mental acuity and an equalizer.

It wasn't long before Koehl began to shut Pierce out. He banned Pierce from the party and a tense stand-off of armed "friends" ensued as Lloyd and others chose their sides. Eventually, Pierce moved on taking Lloyd and other loyalists with him.

Dr. William Luther Pierce was not only smart but confident and cagey as well. He knew what it would take to build an organization that could impact American policy, politics, and power-brokers and to catapult his zest for racial revolution into the mainstream.

First it would take numbers - like-minded individuals who could be groomed and schooled to recruit large numbers of white youth into whatever organization he built.

It would require a massive program of education and indoctrination of American minds - which meant media - all kinds of media.

It would have to entail running political candidates and being successful in endorsing and placing more white nationalists in high offices around the country.

It would necessitate militancy and deception to create the revolution that he envisioned.

But, most importantly, it would take money - and lots of that.

In 1968, the country was in turmoil. Tensions were at an all-time high as frustrations over the Viet-Nam War boiled over and Civil Rights were being bitterly fought for. U.S. citizens were sharply divided over the issues. Everyone had a deep-rooted opinion and the chasm of right versus left became even more profound.

Racial segregationist and former Governor of Alabama, George Wallace, had thrown his hat into the ring of Presidential hopefuls and the lines of prejudice were etched permanently in the minds and hearts of generations to come.

Pierce, with an agenda, joined his friend, Willis Carto, who had just founded the Youth For Wallace group and who had a bankroll to boot.

For Carto, just a few years Pierces' senior, race was destiny. Heavily influenced in his younger years by Francis Parker Yockey, a paranoid and fragmented fascist and Nazi sympathizer who demonized the Jews.

Willis Carto, always somewhat of a shadowy figure, also knew what it would take to influence public opinion. Like Pierce, he did a short stint in the John Birch Society where it is reported that he stole their membership list, (it must have been a fetish.)

As the battle over Civil Rights was being played out in this country, there were those still embroiled in the pseudoscience of eugenics, struggling to prove racial superiority and to further their beliefs in the production of the master race.

In August 1935, Wickliffe Preston Draper traveled to Berlin to attend the International Congress for the Scientific Investigation of Population Problems. Draper was a strict segregationist and major supporter of eugenics. Accordingly, during his trip, as reported on Wikipedia, "Presiding over the conference was Wilhelm Frick, the Reichminister of the Interior. (Frick was hanged in 1946 for his crimes against humanity.) At the conference, Draper's travel companion Dr. Clarence Campbell delivered an oration that concluded with the words: "The difference between the Jew and the Aryan is as unsurmountable [sic] as that between black and white. … Germany has set a pattern which other nations must follow. … To that great leader, Adolf Hitler." Three years later, when Draper paid to print and disseminate a book titled White America, a personal copy was delivered to Reichminister Frick.

"In 1937, Draper founded the Pioneer Fund, a foundation intended to give scholarships to descendants of White colonial-era families, and to support research into "race betterment" through eugenics. The scholarships were never given, but the first project of the Fund was to distribute two documentary films from Nazi Germany depicting their claimed success with eugenics (though years before the Holocaust and its eventual public disclosure, Germany's eugenic policies were still very controversial for their far-reaching scope and often coercive public policies). The Pioneer Fund was headed by the controversial eugenicist Harry H. Laughlin, known especially for his role in the establishment of restrictive immigration laws and paving the way for national programs of compulsory sterilization of the mentally ill and mentally retarded."

The Pioneer Fund has been a controversial foundation awarding grants and funds to a consortium of extremists for the last several decades. One of the reicpients of Draper's early beneficence was none other than Willis Carto.

Many of Draper's donations were successfully made under the radar and did not come to public light until decades later. During the 1960's he made contributions to various groups advocating the repatriation of African-Americans as well as to the Mississippi State Soverignty Commission to support racial segreation.

The Youth for Wallace group attracted the attention of many prominent individuals just as the George Wallace campaign was becoming the breeding ground for future racist and extremists in our political system. William Pierce's mother hadn't raised any dummy and he knew that traveling in the circles of such notable individuals could do nothing but help him in his endeavors.

Willis Carto was already making himself well-known and ingratiating himself to some very heavy hitters. Recognizing that being a conservative is much more acceptable than being a Nazi or a racist or an anti-Semite, Carto tried to foist another of his groups, the Liberty Lobby, off on mainstream America as nothing more than a conservative political organization. Nothing could have been further from the truth.
In October of 1966, journalists, Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson, published a series of stories that reported the findings of a former employee, Jeremy Horne. "Horne said he had discovered a box of correspondence between Carto and numerous government officials establishing the Joint Council of Repatriation (JCR), a forerunner organization to the Liberty Lobby. The JCR stated that their fundamental purpose was to "repatriate" blacks "back to Africa". Ex-Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Tom Brady and various members of the White Citizens' Councils who had worked to established the JCL, also contributed to the founding of the Liberty Lobby. Other correspondence referred to U.S. Congressional support for the emerging Liberty Lobby, such as from South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond Califfornia Congressman James Utt."

The White Citizens Council was nothing more than a suit and tie rendition of the Ku Klux Klan wielding political and economical clout throughout the South. It later metamophosed into what is now known as the Council of Conservative Citizens of which we will have much more to say in the coming installments.
Willis Carto has gone on to become one of the most prominent figures in promoting anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial in the world today and is worthy of a complete expose on his life alone. This is something that will be undertaken in the near future.

Dr. William Luther Pierce knew that Carto was the vehicle through which to advance his own program - his own pathway to a white tomorrow. The contacts and the funds which came with being aligned with Carto were valuable, but the membership lists in Carto's possession were pure gold and it wasn't long before Pierce had precisely those in his hands.

Not only are there strange bedfellows in politics, but there are even stranger associations within the neo-Nazi subculture the relevenacy of which will not be lost on the reader in Part III. While the ideology is aberrant and the innerworkings often violent, the truth lies on the money trail.

To be continued...